martes, 23 de abril de 2013



First thing in the morning, hundreds of pigeons appeared. Carefully, they covered the buildings in dirt.

A proposal was made -a bunch of seagulls should be imported, provided they had been of use in hunting the other birds down. Everyone agreed.

Soon after, people realized it had not been the fairest idea at all, as far as the pigeons and the seagulls got on well with each other and gladly stained the sky under their wings. 

Thus, somebody reminded of two experts in falconry and asked them for their dozens of falcons. Falcons that remembered neither their owners nor their actual mission and devoted themselves to attack human beings instead of their former targets.

Finally, the wisest men in the council spent all the money left on paying a scientist who had been successful in cloning pterodactyls.

Nowadays, those in town without wings are walking dead.

By Vanessa Navarro Reverte.

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  1. uauu que tetrico cielo.osea que todos muertos por intentar quitar a las palomas... Bss

  2. Me ha encantado tu síntesis: ¡muy cierta! No la había contemplado con tanta claridad hasta que tú la has puesto con palabras :)
    Besos, guapa. Gracias por leer y comentar.


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