domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011


"El río de Artemisa", del fotógrafo Jesús Herce.

To the sound of the tune of an autumn dawn

she walked; the sun shone over her tangled hair, 
the moon was drawing her undulating shape
that dazzled and glistened throughout the grove.

An emerald lake full of charming scents
spread its perfume around the blue landscape 
 of the kingdom of a forest where, bewitched, 
the deer danced with the Vestal Virgins. 

"Remember her voice," sang the flowers; 
and sacred trees whispered
her name with respectful fear. 

When Artemis approached, fireflies glowed;
fireflies which adorned with lights
her majestic heart at night.

Autora: Vanessa Navarro Reverte.

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