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A natural born killer indeed, he was. Every new moon, an inner monster asked him to hunt. He was barely a teenager when he strangled his first victim, a girl with blonde hair. She was followed by lots of other victims over the years. He must have been very lucky, because he had never been caught by the police.

Neither would he, that night.

That night he was haunting another young, blonde woman. Soon he found his chance when an alley appeared. The girl was trapped, her neck bound by a cable, his hands holding it tight. However, something was going wrong-she wasn't fighting. On the contrary, she was staring at him. Her chilling glare and her creepy sort of a smile awoke reminiscences in the man's mind. Suddenly, he felt scared.

 "Is it you? I murdered you!"
 "No, you did not. I could still breathe, and an unexpected visitor came around me," she hissed.

And the bent smile spread out, baring a pair of huge, sharp, unnatural fangs. Fangs that were stuck in the serial killer's throat within a few seconds.

The vampire drank until she felt satisfied. Afterwards, she allowed the rats to devour what was soon to be a corpse.

Only Hell knows who will be the prey this time.

By Vanessa Navarro Reverte.

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  1. What up, Mads!
    You know? This tale makes me think we could open an English section in the forum and spar back and forth over commas and other thingies of the like.

    I find this tale a bit predictable, but still satisfying. All murderous bastards should come across such alleys and such girls.


  2. Yep, it's a simple tale focused on the final twist. I agree with your appreciation about such bastards' fate. Poetic justice.

    I'd prefer a section about punctuation and that stuff in Spanish, though we might include English, as well. Anyway, people in the forum are not very active nowadays, you know...


  3. Good one! I adore this kind of "happy" endings. I'm quite reluctant to write in English, but it's nice to read good stories from time to time.

    See yaa!

  4. Hi! Pleased to meet you again! Me too, I'm not used to write pieces of literature in English, but academic papers. However, I try and do it from time to time, as you said.

    See U!

  5. Congrats, my friend! A really good tale, I especially like the final twist, unpredictable and deserved!! You are an amazing writer!!

  6. Thanks a lot! This was that one we were meant to change into a screenplay and shoot it right after, back in Yeclatown. Do you remember? :) Those were the days! In a weeks' time , I'll be able to read your blog and enjoy your stories, as well. Kisses!

  7. Vanessa tienes un regalo en mi blog!!!

  8. Hola, Vero, muchas gracias por el detalle. Esta noche lo investigo para poder apreciarlo como se merece.
    Un fuerte abrazo, eres un encanto.


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